Helecon Online

Helecon and Tenttu -databases production ceases at the end 2016

Most of the databases will remain in use but no new contents will be produced. Databases will be moved to a new platform in January 2017. Databases will be available for open access unless stated otherwise below.

Helecon-databases that will remain available for searching (only Helecon vocabulary will continue to be updated):
Helecon vocabulary. NOTE: Vocabulary is used for books and thesis content descriptions and will continue to be updated.

Helecon-databases that will be removed:
Helecon info channels

  • FINP domestic journal articles database
  • THES School of Economics theses with table of contents / open access
  • BILD new books and research reports with table of contents
  • MIX union database (FINP+THES+BILD)
  • SCIMA European research articles database with abstracts (1977-2011) / open access
  • ASIA Asia region article and book database (1991-2015)
  • CLASSIC Finnish economics and business bibliography (1945-1979) / open access
  • SCANP nordic article database (1977-1999) / open access

  • Helecon vocabulary

Info channels

Helecon info channels are no longer available.