Helecon Online


HELECON-services are library's own content production and a special service for our customers. HELECON is a registered trademark. The service has a long tradition since 1975. The databases and index vocabulary are updated continuosly from a large information base.

We will deliver the latest international and domestic research results. Our information specialists tailor information retrieval training according to your needs. We support extension studies and lifelong training.
  • FINP domestic journal articles database
  • THES School of Economics theses with table of contents
  • BILD new books and research reports with table of contents
  • MIX union database (FINP+THES+BILD)
  • SCIMA European research articles database with abstracts (1977-2011) / open access
  • ASIA Asia region article and book database (1991-2015)
  • CLASSIC Finnish economics and business bibliography (1945-1979)
  • SCANP nordic article database (1977-1999) open access

  • Helecon vocabulary | download/print pdf-version

Info channels

About 40 continuously updated information channels with various subject areas.

Helecon information services

Our information specialists assist in information retrieval and the use of information resources and materials provided by the library.
More information: Guidance and information services (lib.aalto.fi)